Gareth James


In practice since 1990, Gareth has designed and managed interior design projects throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe specializing in Hospitality, Restaurant, Spa Resort design with intermittent forays into the Multifamily sector. Gareth has a strong passion for his work and the creative studio environment. Having been traditionally trained, he has a thorough understanding of scale and form and a keen eye for detail. Though his portfolio is varied in both style and budget, he does apply a strong, consistent design philosophy throughout his work.  

Gareth believes that a design does not succeed if it has to be explained. He advocates that spaces should be experienced on every level and, although they can at first appear simple, when viewed up close the quality of detail, construction and material can inspire. Often the design of simple elements can require an even higher level of care and sensitivity.

Gareth imparts to his teams that they are to offer more than simply designing to meet program requirements. They are to continually surprise and supersede their clients' expectations.

SRSS understands and are able to produce the balance between a dream and reality. They provide sophistication and subtlety and ultimately a luxury within anyone's budget…which, of course, is everyone's wish.”

Sherlly Hartano
Langham Jakarta


London College of Furniture
HND Merit

Industry Leadership

Tatlers Day Spa of the Year 2001-2003
Chancery Court Spa
The Rosewood Hotel, London