AT&T at Lindbergh City Center

Atlanta, Georgia

New Urbanism Master Plan and Framework

Two fourteen-story office buildings, with a connecting four-story atrium, are situated adjacent to the Lindbergh MARTA Rail Station in North Atlanta. The 1,113,400 SF project is part of a program to consolidate BellSouth (now AT&T) employees within new transit-oriented developments adjacent to MARTA rail stations in Atlanta.

The project fits into an overall master plan, which includes mixed use projects organized around the Lindbergh MARTA Rail Station. Within this master plan, this project is located east of the existing MARTA station bounded by the development’s Main Street, Piedmont Road, and Morosgo Drive. The development includes offices, a retail area and atrium covering 1,113,400 SF. A three-level, low-rise podium at the base of the towers introduces restaurant, retail, and office space along the street frontage.  

The towers feature glass and architectural precast exteriors with metal accent panels that make subtle references to traditional proportion and scale. The three-story, low-rise portion of the building introduces brick and other smaller-scale materials and details in keeping with a pedestrian-oriented Main Street experience. The building’s first floor features the central atrium, which covers 17,000 SF and contains a 60-foot-high, multi-level skylight, along with fountains, decorative trees, and pedestrian seating. The second-floor conference areas include a 250-seat cafeteria, an auditorium, meeting rooms, and other corporate amenities.

"SRSS’s ability to orchestrate every detail with the construction and corporate teams as well as the internal corporate personnel has proved to be invaluable."


Robert Sanzeri
District Manager

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