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Plazas are an exciting space to design. They are usually at the epicenter of all the activities if designed correctly. Plazas also act as a conductor of connectivity so we pay a great deal of attention to circulation and how to effectively move people through space. Plazas are a great place to connect people so we provide spaces for this natural interaction to occur as well.

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Nathan views plazas as the epicenter of many projects and a place where people connect to one another and to the built environment. A natural synergy is baked into the fabric of plazas and Nathan works to expose that energy for the success of the project.


Using his architectural and urban planning experience, Gil is able to infuse connectivity and the detail and nuances of urbanism into projects and sees the plaza as the laboratory for many of these new concepts.

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They provide a fabulous example of how attention to design quality , streetscape and development coordination can generate vibrancy and result in a successful development project.

Jim Durret,
ULI Atlanta Executive Director