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Great Urban Parks include places for activity. They need to be flexible enough to adapt to their ever-changing programming and the needs of the people. We apply Best Practices to our urban park design and we use a multi-disciplinary approach. By including an Architectural framework with an Interior Design's perspective on space planning and a Graphic Design's approach to way-finding, we are able to create great urban parks that are built for people.

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Nathan believes that urban parks are vital to the city experience and he has been developing and writing about Best Practices in Park Design and uses this experience to educate and guide owners, city administrators, and facility managers on how they can incorporate these ideas into their own projects.


Our new Town Green and 5-acre Park are the centerpieces for Alpharetta’s downtown revitalization. They have already become the focus of holiday celebrations, farmers markets, and local festivals.

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We are very pleased with our new City Park, Garden, Town Green, and complementing Streetscapes.

Robert J. Regus
City of Alpharetta City Administrator