AmSouth Riverchase Bank Operations Center

Hoover, Alabama

Mission Critical Workplace Designed for People

This 470,000 SF Operations Center and Administrative Office building for AmSouth Bank is located on a 49-acre site within Riverchase Office Park. The massing of the facility and its location on the site reflect the marriage of the Bank’s desire to have large floor plates (113,000 SF / floor) to meet its functional needs, with an equal desire to provide a comfortable, secure and pleasing work environment for its employees. The parking structure is terraced into the heavily wooded, sloping site. Great care was taken to preserve the existing vegetation to provide a natural setting for the facility.

Located just south of Birmingham, this facility serves as the mission critical Operations Center for AmSouth Bank and accommodates 1,900 employees and includes a check/item processing center, a 20,000 SF data center, a conference center with video conferencing, a call center, and a 350-seat cafeteria. Adjacent to the facility is a 1,600-space parking deck. The bank’s 24-hour check and item processing operations are accommodated on the first two floors. Support office areas and executive management offices are housed on the upper two levels. A central plant for mechanical and electrical systems is located partially underground and partially within the parking structure and is designed for N+2 redundancy. The state-of-the-art, 20,000-SF, Data Center has a reliability rating of 9 (on a scale of 1 to 10).  Nearly all of the building is built on raised access flooring to meet the Bank’s goal for future flexibility and efficient power and telecommunications for uninterrupted service for its operations

The item and check processing operations are designed for maximum efficiency through the careful arrangement of departmental adjacencies and planning of workflow circulation. All of the required operations are accommodated on the lower levels of the building in a more secure working environment, separated from the office spaces on the floors above.  The third and fourth floors house the main Administrative office functions of the building. These floors are primarily large open office areas separated into sections through the use of common spaces such as break rooms, conference rooms, computer labs, workrooms and other core functions. Indirect lighting throughout the open office areas enhances the space and provides an efficiently lighted working environment.

Once past security, visitors and employees are within a three-story atrium space with a suspended open stair. A three- story, curved glass wall presents a view of an outdoor dining terrace along the wooded ridge of the Cahaba River Valley. Stacked stone finishes at key locations along with indoor planters and a skylight bring the exterior landscape and natural daylight into the heart of the building. Common areas such as the Conference Center, full-service cafeteria, and 24-hour vending area are all located off the atrium. For ease of multi-floor communication, exit stairs are oversized and located on the exterior of the building and clad mostly with glass.

"We have a facility that is as reliable and functional as it is attractive. Your team delivered the project on time and in budget and the facility continues to be effective and efficient because of the innovative design."


O. B. Grayson Hall, Jr.
Senior Executive Vice President
Operations and Technology
AmSouth Bank

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